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27 Change Leaders, One Day, 9th Annual

Our Partners

We help you create communication and learning campaigns to deliver positive change. 

Whatever you need employees to do, we partner with you to prompt the actions that will have the greatest impact – to shape the moments that matter.

Drawing on approaches from behavioural science and advertising, we reinvent communication formats into campaigns that support real change.

Our experienced consultants partner with you to build insight into how to achieve the impact you need. We bring the digital and creative skills to identify, design and deliver solutions from comms campaigns to music videos, workshops to animated movies, interactive digital experiences or something else altogether.

Whatever your business needs, drop us a line to chat about how we can help.


Agility in Mind is a consultancy that works with ambitious organisations, which face challenges because of their scale or their desire to scale, to increase their competitive advantage. We have an impact through shifting the mindsets of all those within the organisation, so that they can respond with more agility to changes in the environment in which they operate. The outcome is a business that culturally believes that they can own and create their own future. 


Engage & Prosper is a leading UK-based Employee Engagement Consultancy. We specialise in helping leaders and managers create thriving company cultures that foster high performance, inclusivity, and collaboration. Our goal is to enhance candidate attraction, employee motivation, performance, and well-being while boosting talent retention and belonging.

With our expertise in Employee Engagement strategies, we provide Neuroscience-based Leadership Coaching to prevent burnout and promote resilience and well-being. Our evidence-based neuroscience assessment and brain-body balance framework ensure that you prioritise the most impactful well-being activities. We empower your staff to reach peak performance, achieve self-regulation, and bring their whole selves to work and beyond.

To combat employee burnout and fatigue, we develop customised Employee Engagement Apps that promote wellness, well-being resulting in high performance. Through these apps, employees and managers gain resilience, stress management techniques, and strategies for sustained health, performance, and energy in all aspects of life. Our Mobile App Builder platform offers complete flexibility, scalability, and customisation, making it ideal for organisations of all sizes, including those with multilingual workforces or vast geographical reach.

We actively engage with leaders to understand their workplace challenges, listening attentively to their needs. Our solutions and strategies are carefully tailored to ensure positive impact and lasting change within your organisation. 


We’re Forty1.

We create employee experiences and content that enrich working lives ​and inspire a lasting change in ​behaviour, culture and engagement​.

We believe that people are central to successful change initiatives

In a world of complex and continuous change, we’re here to make it simple for your people. The Forty1 Change Centre of Excellence is a collective of change specialists, communicators, strategists, and behavioural scientists whose aim is to create change communications and experiences that involve, inspire and empower organisations. We do this by harnessing the power of behavioural science to better understand how people experience change, unlocking data and behavioural insights to make smarter decisions, and by using creativity to inspire lasting change people want to be a part of. The result? Engaged employees and change that sticks.


Shaped by the science of human behaviour, Morphex is our innovative diagnostic tool. Developed by the Forty1 Change Centre of Excellence, Morphex helps you to put people at the centre of your change experience.

Morphex measures where people are on their change journey, how they are feeling, and the barriers they face. Then, our unique behavioural algorithm enables us to analyse these insights to identify the most effective triggers to deliver change that sticks. By applying scientific rigour to the change process, businesses can design and deliver more targeted and impactful change interventions, dramatically improving their chances of making the change successful and sustainable.


GameShift acts as a Thinking Partner to help organisations & leaders flourish in a shifting world

We have been listed by the Financial Times as one of the UK’s Leading Consultancies for the last 5 years. We have an exceptional team, each with over 20 years’ experience in strategy and change, gained in over 400 companies and 50+ countries. 

We come from many backgrounds: directors of major consultancy firms, business school professors, engineers, accountants, psychotherapists, artists, musicians and more. We harness our diverse ways of seeing to give you a sharp and fresh focus on your challenges and deliver results. It is a potent combination that very few firms can match.

We see beyond models and theory to help you nail what really matters in delivering the change you need.  We develop your leaders and teams to grasp possibility in times of turbulence and uncertainty. We create participative ways to engage people in strategy and change in ways that deliver positive outcomes, quickly.

We get senior people to learn with rigour from their own work and experience. We spot what is hampering leaders and release their power and potential.  Here’s what some of our clients say about us:

“GameShift have stretched our thinking and helped us look at the world differently.  They have lots of experience, they know their stuff and their facilitation is outstanding.” Global OD director

“Challenging and exciting in equal measures, the experiences pushed me to grow out of my comfort zone and I can’t thank you enough for your guidance, patience, insight and support.”  MD, food sector FMCG

“GameShift’s approach repositions organisational life as a collaborative process; shifting how we thought and worked together; repositioning our views and ambitions. It was always about action.  Working with GameShift has been at once surprising, supportive, challenging and, at times uncomfortable; but always genuine, honest, productive, unfailingly fruitful and often fun.”  Vice Chancellor, award-winning university


At Sysdoc, we land change. In other words, we help organisations to successfully navigate complex change and transformation. Our approach is outcomes based, enabling you to transform, adapt, and achieve your organisational ambitions. We have a 35-year track record in delivering long-term adoption of technology driven change and both the capability and capacity to meet your requirements.

 Our innovative Flight Path Change Management approach is built on sound theory, flexible enough to support both waterfall and agile delivery to make sure the clients change lands successfully.

 Change is Sysdoc’s expertise and is the focus point. Change is driven by Data and Insight. Our leading change management platform, Serendata Insight, enables successful delivery of change at a project, programme, and portfolio level.

 Our team of expert consultants have supported organisations to transform and have delivered change across a wide range of technology and data enabled programmes.

 We have worked with 100+ clients ranging from 800 to 225,000 employees working across multiple industry sectors. Some of these include manufacturing and engineering, supply chain/logistics, defence, and central and government.

Here at Sysdoc, we pride ourselves on the depth of relationship we build as a trusted partner. An active example of this is, working with Jaguar Land Rover for 12 years, in 26 countries, on 40+ projects.