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In 1 Day, 34 Cross-Sector Change, HR & Communications Directors Reveal Fresh, Innovative Strategies For Sustained, Successful Organisational Change

Drive Value During Unprecedented Uncertainty & Disruption With Engaging & Supportive Organisational Change Strategies: Rethink Strategies With Business-Critical Insights Into Advanced Change Communication Strategies To Engage Employees During Times Of Uncertainty & Change, Optimise Stakeholder Buy-In, Activate Managers & Leaders For Supportive Leadership, Overcome Grassroots Resistance & Fear For Resilient Cultures, Implement New Technologies & Determine The Most Effective, Responsive Change Processes & Methodologies To Fuel Business Success.

A One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, 21st January 2021, Virtual

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Ian Adams
Director of Membership & Stakeholder Engagement
NHS Resolution

Isobel McGonigle
HR Director & Competence Development Director
Volvo Trucks


09.20 Innovative Communications Strategies To Facilitate Fast-Paced Organisational Change & Encourage A Proactive Culture

  • Best-practice approaches to create excitement around your communication strategies and encourage collaboration and transparency when navigating change
  • New technologies versus traditional: real-life examples of using multiple channels to assess which communication methods resonate best with your employees
  • The foundations of change communications excellence – practical advice on who should drive communication and what should be included to develop persuasive, proactive and powerful interactions

Vanessa Palmer
Director of Learning
Culture & Engagement

James Makepeace
Transformation Executive

Jenny Bloxham
Global Lead - Transformation Communications
Save the Children International

Jess Lonsdale
Internal Communications Director
Virgin Media

Jo Walmsley
Director of People & Organisation Capability
John Lewis Partnership


09.50 Shift Mindsets & Capture Employees’ Hearts & Minds To Create The Resilient, Change-Ready Cultures Needed To Embed Change

  • Next-level employee engagement tactics which go beyond the tick box to allay fears and ensure people feel invested in and bought into the change process
  • Improve overall employee wellbeing by effectively communicating the benefits of change and readily involving them in the change process
  • Implement grassroots strategies to create a positive-minded workforce who own the change, so it translates into improved business outcomes

Nadia Strone
Executive Director of Human Resources, Western Europe


10.10 Build The Business Case For Change To Optimise Stakeholder Buy-In To Embed & Sustain Large-Scale Transformation

  • Steps to gain trust and collaboration from both internal and external stakeholders and secure financial backing to prevent change programmes losing momentum
  • Best-practice strategies to successfully pitch change projects, maximise stakeholder confidence and pull them towards your vision of the future
  • Once stakeholders are on-board, how do you sustain their buy-in and manage their ever-changing expectations to embed long-lasting change?

Eze Lisak
Head of Change
National Grid ESO

10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.00 From Meeting Room To Water Cooler: How To Get Leaders To Role Model, Sponsor & Engage With Real Change

  • It can be done! Evidence opportunities to spot and influence disconnected leaders and blockers of change to activate large-scale structural and organisational transformation
  • Change can be too easily railroaded by lack of interest: get change embedded into the organisational DNA with leaders who truly champion and embrace change
  • Actions speak louder than words - how to sustain leadership engagement and ensure they proactively own the change and lead from the front?

Caroline Pennings
Managing Director, International Communications


11.20 Getting To The Heart Of Which Leaders Are Driving Real Change In Culture 

Ghassan Karian
Karian and Box


11.40 Empower Your Staff From The Start To Drive Sustainable, Long-Term Change & Avoid A Toxic Culture

  • Pull employees together and encourage collective collaboration amongst your workforce to create a change-ready culture
  • Change doesn’t happen overnight: preparing your employees for the trials and tribulations of long-term organisational change to maintain high engagement
  • How do you implement the correct change structure to ensure employees live and breathe the transformation and believe in more than the company’s logo?

Sarah Burbedge
Head of Change, Content Production Workflows
BBC Design and Engineering

Meg Paterson
Learning & Leadership Development Senior Manager
LEGO Group

Helena Curtis
Culture & Engagement Lead

Elena Grigorova

Head of Process Simplification
Santander UK

Rupal Chauhan
Operations Change Manager


12.10 Your people as the ‘Chief Change Makers’ and best-selling Storytellers

Michael Faulkner, Managing Director, NKD

In 2019 NKD + Woolworths Group Supply Chain Australia collaborated to build a 21st Century Continuous Improvement Academy

It all started with a story…a story as memorable as little red riding hood

A story that got 7000 team members excited about their role in continuous improvement as ‘Chief Change Makers’ and all in service of making changes to their work environment that made their world of work better

At the same time , building smarter, safer operations and ensuring that the customer sees the benefit. 

The result; team members who can’t wait to get involved, £2.3m of reported savings to date

12.40 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.40 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks


13.50 Informal Breakout Discussions

A) Sponsorship In The New Normal

Nick Davies
Senior Programme Management & Change Lead
Imperial Brands PLC

B) Mid-Level Management

Jo Walmsley
Director of People & Organisation Capability
John Lewis Partnership

C) Change Management As An Expertise

Suzette Tenefrancia
Global HR Change & Implementation Lead – HR Transformation

D) Getting To The Heart Of Which Leaders Are Driving Real Change In Culture

Ghassan Karian
Karian and Box

E) Diversity & Inclusion

Sabina Khanom, Head of Inclusion, Aviva


14.20 Establish Positive Mindsets & Overcome Kickback To Embed Long-Lasting Organisational Transformation

  • Best-practice examples of how to push the benefits of change to prevent project stagnation and disengagement
  • How can disengagement be mitigated to align your employees with the business case for change, combat resistance and regain trust throughout tough decisions?
  • Make sure to check in! How to assess engagement levels 12-18 months after initial change implementation to avoid sudden disenfranchisement?

Becca Francis
Change Lead

Tara Newman
Head of Business Transformation

Samantha Long
Head of People Services
Canada Life

Nicci Cook
Head of HR, Solihull
Jaguar Land Rover

Andrea Byrne
Change Lead
Mondelēz International


14.50 Adopt New Tools, Tech & Innovations To Support Change & Rally Your Workforce Behind Your Organisation’s View Of The Future

  • What are the best technologies out there to enable a smooth organisational change journey? Evaluate the opportunities and obstacles
  • Explore opportunities and potential applications of machine learning, AI and automation to facilitate and fuel change
  • Tips and tricks to encourage successful adoption of innovative processes rather than creating a hostile working environment

Patricia Mcloughlin
Director of Change Management

Leading a Movement to Deliver a Smoke-Free Future​ - Philip Morris International (PMI)

15.10 Leading a Movement to Deliver a Smoke-Free Future​

How does an 80,000-person tobacco company maintain momentum on a multi-year pioneering transformation effort to eliminate cigarettes? For Philip Morris International (PMI), it starts with making sure employees are clear on the what, why, and how so that they can be proud and passionate about the role they play. This presentation will explore how drafting and cascading a transformation narrative successfully united PMI employees around the world under the company’s new mission to deliver a smoke-free future. 

Bessie Kokalis Pescio, Vice President, Global Internal Communications, Philip Morris International

15.25 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


15.55 Thinking Differently – Letting Your People Lead For A Change!

This fun and interactive session will introduce you to:

  • A practical framework that engages people to think differently and drive sustainable change
  • A methodology that engages teams to continuously improve and Go Make A Difference
  • A diagnostic tool to calculate the probability of successfully delivering the change you desire
  • A coaching tool for yourself and your team, to improve your chances of success.

Andy Gilbert, Founder and Managing Director, Go M.A.D. Thinking


16.15 The Battle Of Methodologies: Determine The Best Processes To Suit Your Change Programmes & Business Needs

  • Break down the buzzwords! What are the merits and drawbacks of Agile, Continuous Flow, Waterfall and SCRUM methodologies when embedding long-lasting cultures?
  • Is Agile right for your business? Adopt the correct methodology from the start to ensure fast-paced change - even in regulated industries
  • Identify when methods of delivering change are failing and how to fix it to ensure your organisation is on course to boost bottom-line performance

Alan Cooke
Head of Delivery & Change

Martha Férez
Head of Change, Non-Financial Risk
Deutsche Bank

Gabrielle Ogiste
Global Head of HRIS
The Body Shop

Xue Bai
Global HR Process Transformation Lead

Ami Davies
Head of Transformation (Volunteering, Participation & Inclusion)
National Trust


16.45 The Best Ways To Measure & Visualise The Success Of Change Initiatives In Easy-To-Digest Reports

  • Build the bigger picture: measure intangible engagement levels to construct an accurate picture of the physical and human impact of change
  • Aside from staff surveys and bottom-line statistics, which methods and KPIs are effective to assess the tangible, monetary benefits of change?
  • Moving away from traditional metrics, what methods can effectively measure employees’ emotions, feelings and commitment to identify problems before they materialise?

Dominic Demolder
Principal Biometrics Business Partner

17.05 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference