A One-Day, Cross-Sector Conference & Networking Exhibition, London, 24th May 2023

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4th Annual
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Driving Organisational Change - For People Leaders: Develop Real Employee Engagement & Talent & Keep Up With Digital & Tech Innovations To Increase Agility In The Change Revolution

Change-Ready, Resilient Cultures • People Strategies: Talent, Retention • Digital Upgrades & Tech Updates • Flexible & Hybrid Working Hurdles • Changing Business To Prioritise Wellbeing • Data & Measurement • Engaging Stakeholders: The Strategic Role Of Change • Engaging Employees & Behavioural Change • Inclusion & Diversity
A One-Day Conference & Networking Event, Hilton Kensington, 2nd November 2022. Group Discounts - Send 4 For 3! Call +44 (0)20 3479 2299.


08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Chair's Opening Remarks

Eze Lisak, Transformation Director, National Grid Ventures, National Grid


09.10 Create Adaptable, Change-Ready Cultures Which Support New Visions & Champion Transformation

  • Change-ready? From leaders to frontline staff and those behind a PC… go further to create change champions in business and a receptive culture where change is embraced and pushed forwards
  • Intentionally building change management capabilities into the organisational DNA with your leaders, managers and wider functions for sustained change with impact
  • Culture comes from the people, not from top down: how can HR influence culture authentically to achieve real change?

Wandusjka Jennison, Head of People, Change & Comms- Future of Work, Legal & General

Nick Watchorn, HR Director, E.ON UK


Baljit Dhillon, Head of Change Delivery, British Gas

Ashley Marshall, Global Head of People & Organizational Development, Corporate Functions, Soho House & Co

Barry White, Head Of Learning & Organisational Effectiveness, National Grid

Paul Atkins, HR Director, Phoenix Group

Tom Gater, Head Of Internal Communications, Halma


09.40 Attractive, Competitive & Robust People Strategies Which Attract, Pipeline & Retain Top Talent & Communicate Organisational Values To Increase The Employee Connection With The Business Goals & Be Seen As An Employer Of Choice

  • Finger on the pulse: from flexibility to pay, what is it that encourages retention amongst your employees and how can you quickly deploy strategies which effectively retain talent?
  • Increase connectivity with strong, authentic employer branding strategies which clearly communicate the company values, attract new talent and reinforce colleague retention
  • When everyone is chasing the same talent pool, how can you grow superstars from within with strategic upskilling?


10.00 Tangible, Proactive Wellbeing Strategies Which Safeguard Employees & Enable Steady, Sustainable Change Rollouts

  • How much change is too much change? Hit the brakes to ensure even the most dynamic and resilient colleagues don’t hit their limit
  • What steps must HR and change professionals take to safeguard employee wellbeing and psychological safety during change and transformation?
  • As mental health, wellbeing and burnout move up the management agenda, how can we guarantee that proactive, tangible change is made towards reprioritising wellbeing?


10.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Agility in Mind

Throughout history, great ideas have emerged when seemingly unrelated concepts are combined. What role can leaders play in fostering this effect in their teams?

  • Explore the effect of idea combination as a source of innovation with a live demonstration
  • Learn how leaders can take positive steps to create the right conditions for people to collaborate
  • Take a look at the agile mindset that has been used for decades, and how this can support the establishment of a creative environment

Duncan Evans, Head of Learning & Development, Agility in Mind

10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.05 Fuel Business Success With Digital Systems & Tools Upgrades… But Ensure That Your People, Processes & Business Can Keep Pace!

  • At the touch of a button: cultural, technical and operational hurdles HR and change functions must overcome to better support the business through the rapid speed of digital change
  • Where employee digital literacy and skillsets are taken as a given – how can we ensure that any knowledge gaps are filled as soon as possible?
  • Increase collaboration with IT functions to ensure the business has the best digital capabilities for maximum employee connectivity
  • HR of the future: from payroll automation to surveys to employee apps, secure investment in transforming HR tech to cut the waste from our processes
  • How can HR and change professionals upskill themselves to better drive the tech that links us all without losing sight of our people priorities?

11.05 - Lauren Tingey, Digital Effectiveness - Head of Change, National Grid

11.25 - Marc Starfield, Group Head of HR Programmes & Systems, Vodafone

11.45 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


12.00 Flexible Working Approaches Which Engage Employees Wherever They Are To Achieve Long-Term, Sustained Change

  • Whether additional steps to achieving change, or actioning new change approaches to handle hybrid working models… what are your ongoing hurdles around increased flexible working?
  • One day in, never in, work from home, work from anywhere, four-day weeks and childcare-friendly hours… just what is it that potential and current employees want?
  • From gender to disability and casting the talent pool net wider, retaining flexible and remote working, what does this mean for the future of organisational structures?
  • In the “Zoom” where it happens? How can you ensure that digital co-workers are able to truly participate and not be overshadowed by face-to-face colleagues during hybrid meetings?
  • Are there ways to replicate spontaneous coaching and development moments for up-and-coming team members when not in an office environment?

Katie Shaw, Head of People, Marks & Spencer

Kevin Lyons, Senior HR Manager, Pearson

Georgina Reeves-Saad, Employee Engagement & Experience Lead, British Council

Bradley Hutchinson, Head of Change, Marks & Spencer

Paul Hendstock, New Plan for Immigration (NPI) Business Change Programme Lead, UK Home Office

12.30 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.00 Informal Breakout Discussions

a) Why Do Change Projects Fail?
The Great Resignation
c) Psychological Safety
d) Upskilling The HR/Change Function

e) Agile Working & Process Improvement
f) Corporate Purpose & Employer Branding

13.30 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Paul Hendstock, New Plan for Immigration (NPI) Business Change Programme Lead, UK Home Office


13.40 It’s Done But What Has It Cost & What Has It Added? Assess & Benchmark Change Success To Secure Ongoing Backing & Inform Future Strategies

  • What data is key to measuring the success of change initiatives and how can you accurately measure success?
  • Bring the value of change management to life with quantitative data on bottom line, people, culture, outcomes and more to demonstrate the direct benefit to the organisation
  • Our journey: from identifying reasons for change to delivery to measurement – draw tangible lessons learnt to inform future strategies

Eliza Hill, Director of Lean & Agile Transformation, BlackRock


14.00 Change Is Not A One-Team Responsibility: Engage Business Leaders & Stakeholders To Share Change Ownership To Increase Strategic Success

  • Who owns change? Ensure responsibility is shared beyond just the HR or Change business function and create change champions throughout the entire business to sustain initiatives
  • Create a narrative and compelling case for change to ensure that leaders feel accountable for delivering, owning and landing change

 Ashutosh Pandey, Senior Director & Head of Business Process Transformation, Nokia

14.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

14.35 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

15.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


15.20 Change Has Changed: Updating Methodologies, Structures & Engagement Strategies To Reflect Our Changing Business Environment & Post-COVID Employee Expectations

  • Hit the pause button when “change is constant” to design and drive forward systematic, strategic and commercially minded change management approaches
  • What has fundamentally changed in the business mindset and appetite for change?
  • What will it take to get the job done in the “new normal”? Set new strategies in motion with a different change management methodology toolkit and updated colleague skillsets
  • New working models mean new organisational structures: how to restructure quickly and effectively when change triggers further change
  • What do we want the future of the business to look like in terms of design, development and structure… and how can we lay the foundations and draw up the roadmap now?

Wasim Mushtaq, Transformation Lead, Financial Markets, Standard Chartered Bank


15.40 With Us, Not To Us: Behavioural Strategies To Embed Change With Engaged Employees Who Actively Contribute To Change

  • Leverage behavioural psychology to create great employee experiences where everyone has the ability to interact with change instead of having change happen to them
  • To what extent should we expect and embrace change resistance and invest time in compelling cases which reduce the threat of change? And then how do we incorporate that into our normal change management frameworks, methodologies and approaches?
  • Listen to the employee voice and close the feedback loop for ground-up internal change initiatives which will drive improvements throughout the business

Elizabeth Dunn, Head of Business Change, River Island


16.00 Build D&I Into Change Management Strategies & Use Tactics To Further Internal Progress

  • Seize opportunities to leverage our change management resources to tangibly accelerate real diversity and inclusion progress within the organisation
  • Build inclusion and diversity into change management strategies as a standard: move away from the assumption that the workforce is one homogenous group for strategies which include every individual’s needs
  • The double-edged sword of flexible working: how can we celebrate more individuals able to better achieve work-life balances while not excluding people from the sociable environments of the office?

Miles Horca, VP People & Culture for Mauritania & Senegal & Health, Safety, Environment & Carbon, bp

Kevin Lyons, Senior HR Manager, Pearson

Ashutosh Pandey, Senior Director & Head of Business Process Transformation, Nokia

16.30 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks

16.40 Official Close Of Conference