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Today Is Your Final Chance To Book A Pass For Just £379! Discover New Inspirations From 18 Heads Of Change & HR As They Reveal New Ways To Engage, Inspire & Boost Bottom-Line Performance

New Ways To Engage, Inspire & Boost Bottom-Line Performance In Times Of Change, Disruption & Uncertainty: Fresh, Innovative Strategies To Re-Envision & Deliver Successful Organisational Change
Revolutionise Your Change Journey In The Midst Of Constant Upheaval With Next-Level Employee Engagement, Remote & Distributed Workforce & Communication Strategies, Inspiring Cultural & Behavioural Change Programmes, High-Impact Leadership Activation & Stakeholder Buy-In, Digital, Agile & Change Methodology Innovations & Proven Measurement Techniques. 7th Annual Event!

A One-Day Virtual Conference & Networking Event, 14th September 2021. Group Discounts - Send 4 For 3! Call +44 (0)20 3479 2299.


9.00 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome Remarks

09.10 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Ursula Dolton, Chief Technology Officer, British Heart Foundation

Alex Mileman, Head of Programme, Project & Change Management, Hampshire County Council


09.20 Ensure An Engaged, Resilient & Change-Ready Workforce As The Change Journey Continues To Evolve In 2021

• Next-level employee engagement tactics which go beyond box-ticking to genuinely allay fears and ensure people feel invested in and bought into the change process
• Improve overall employee wellbeing and mental health by effectively communicating the benefits of change and readily involving them in the change process to maximise sustained engagement
• What are the most effective ways of managing remote teams, and how can you ensure you support employees with the transition back to the office or to a hybrid working model?
• Cut through with impactful communication strategies which build resilience, restore confidence and support employees

Eugenio Pirri, Chief People & Culture Officer – Global Diversity Champion, Dorchester Collection

Matt Cooper, Head of Internal Communications & Engagement, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Victoria Talbot, Head of Employee Experience & Engagement, Direct Line Group

Vikki Williams, Director Change & Operations, Nationwide Building Society


09.50 Prepare To Thrive In The New Digital Age Post-Covid With Business-Critical Remote Worker & Distributed Workforces Engagement Strategies For Ultimate Engagement & Productivity

• Uncover strategies to embed successful change in remote and dispersed workforces, and ensure employees seamlessly adapt to the new digital workplace
• Discover first-rate strategies that are sure to engage remote workers in the COVID-19 landscape
• How can you maintain high employee morale, and keep change at the heart of the business agenda, in a time where face-to-face contact is minimal?
• Missing coffee breaks and chats by the water cooler? Explore tactics to communicate and check in with staff working from home to boost employee spirits and prepare for post-COVID-19 recovery

Gonzague Noel, Director, Strategic Change & Simplification, HSBC

Daher El Meouchi, Strategic Business Change Director, HSBC


10.10 Influence Positive Mindsets & Combat Resistance To Embed Impactful, Long-Lasting Organisational Transformation

• Uncover best-practice on how to promote the benefits of change to prevent project stagnation and employee disconnection
• Mitigate disengagement to win-over your employees, combat resistance and regain trust throughout tough decisions
• Support your employees in times of change! Best-practice advice on how to manage employee wellbeing and mental health due to the worries of change
• Check in and listen up: assess long-term, post-change engagement levels after initial implementation to avoid disenfranchisement and change fatigue

David Edwards, Head of Change Resource Management, NatWest Group

10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.00 Leverage New Tools, Tech & Digital Innovations To Support Change Programmes & Boost Efficiencies Without Losing The Human Touch

• Discuss and explore the technologies best suited your organisation to enable a smooth business-wide change journey
• How can you best prepare the organisation for and facilitate the shift to the new digital, hybrid workplace?
• Discover what potential machine learning, AI and automation can bring to facilitate and fuel change in your organisation
• Robust rollout comms and methods to boost employee adoption and acceptance and achieve successful implementation

11.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


11.50 Advanced, Sure-Fire Communications Strategies Which Enable Fast-Paced Organisational Change & Ensure A Connected, Motivated & United Workforce During Times Of Change

• Clear communication is more important than ever! Invaluable insights to establish creative communication strategies which encourage collaboration and transparency whilst navigating change
• Combat communication challenges by combining the right technologies and channels into your change communications strategies
• Develop persuasive, proactive and powerful interactions through change communications excellence

Gillian McGill, Global Internal & Social Communications Lead, Aviva

Mark Tittle, Head of Internal Communications, Just Eat

Matthew Knowles, Head of Employee Communications, Thames Water

Danielle Jones-Hunte, Global Head of Employee Advocacy (Engagement), BP

12.20 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


A) Change Management As An Expertise

Daher El Meouchi, Strategic Business Change Director, HSBC

B) Diversity & Inclusion

C) Sponsorship In The New Normal

D) Mid-Level Management

13.20 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Graham Barton, Head of Change Awareness & Adoption, Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs


13.30 Motivate & Inspire Leaders To Become Change Champions & Drive Business-Wide Change In An Era Of Increased Working From Home & Uncertainty

• Actions speak louder than words - how can you sustain leadership engagement and ensure they proactively own the change and lead from the front while working from home?
• Leaders need support too! Successfully identify and engage your disconnected leaders and blockers of change to embed large-scale structural and organisational transformation
• If interest wanes, change stops in its tracks: discover top tips and tricks on how to get change embedded into the organisational DNA with leaders who truly champion change

Dan Rickards, Global Head Of Change Management, Condé Nast

13.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


14.20 Optimise Stakeholder Buy-In By Building A Strong Business Case For Change In Order To Quickly Embed & Sustain Large-Scale Transformation

• Gain the trust of both internal and external stakeholders in times of uncertainty to secure financial backing and prevent change programmes losing momentum
• Secure stakeholder buy-in, maximise confidence and drive change by showcasing success, proving value and demonstrating rock-solid results to pull them towards your vision of the future
• Manage stakeholder expectations and prepare them for the realities of long-term business strategies which bring about long-lasting business change

Speaker To Be Announced


14.40 Inform, Engage & Inspire Staff To Drive Long-Term Business Change & Avoid A Toxic, Disconnected Culture

• How are businesses nurturing a healthy, flexible culture within their workforce that remains resilient, positive and change-ready wherever they are
• Manage employee expectations and prepare them for the highs and lows of long-term organisational change
• Advanced insights on how to implement a change structure which ensures employees live and breathe the transformation and believe in more than the company’s logo

Chris Norbury, Chief People Officer, E.ON UK

Abigail Wilmore, Chief People Officer, Stella McCartney

Manisha Mistry, Portfolio Director - Digital Culture & Collaboration, Rolls-Royce

Jo Hicks, Director – Change & Development, Ministry of Justice

Alan Cooke, Head of Delivery & Change, Co-op

15.10 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


15.40 Discover How To Embed An Agile Mind-Set In Your Change Teams for Successful and Sustainable Change Delivery

  • Define what an agile mind-set is and why it is important to correctly implement an agile methodology
  • Receive top tips on how to successfully embed an agile mind-set that can equip team members with new approaches to continuously deliver value at work
  • Assess the aspects of an agile mind-set that should be prioritised for specific teams at any given time

Martha Férez, Head of Change, Non-Financial Risk, Deutsche Bank

16.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


16.20 New Ways To Measure & Visualise The Success Of Change Initiatives In The COVID-19 Landscape

• New metrics for a new normal – what methods can effectively measure employees’ emotions and feelings and how can you identify issues before they escalate?
• Build the bigger picture: measure intangible engagement levels to construct an accurate picture of the physical and human impact of change
• Aside from staff surveys and bottom-line statistics, which methods and KPIs are effective to assess the tangible, monetary benefits of change through the pandemic landscape?


16.40 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks

17.00 Official Close Of Conference

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