9th Annual, One-Day, Cross-Sector Conference & Networking Event, 21st November 2023, 10 Union Street, London

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27 Change Leaders, One Day, 9th Annual

Practical Steps & Hard-Won Advice To Engage Change-Averse Employees & Create Collaborative Cultures, Deploy New Workplace Tactics & Tap Into New Tech Innovations To

Adapt To New Working World Challenges To Deliver Successful Organisational Change

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Lesley Woods, Chief Communications Officer (External Campaigns), Ministry of Defence 

Paul Deemer, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, NHS

Organisational Change – Double Perspective

09.10 Refresh Strategies, Update Management Methodologies & Reignite Engagement Levels To Reflect The Constantly-Changing Business Environment & Employee Expectations

  • “Change is constant”, that’s for sure but how can you realign and restructure quickly and effectively when change triggers further change?
  • Have the past few years changed the appetite for change, and can we really make change mutually-beneficial? Adapt your strategies and approaches when rolling out new change to align with changing employee expectations
  • How does organisational development and change management come together in 2023 and beyond?

09.10 Perspective 1

Gerard Penning, NED (non-executive director), Alliander

09.30 Perspective 2

Lonnie Engleman, IT Change Manager, Mulberry

Flexible & Hybrid Working – Panel Discussion & Q&A

09.50 Flexible, Hybrid, Remote & Distributed… Discuss & Debate The Ongoing Opportunities & Challenges The Changing Workforce Brings & Business-Critical Engagement Strategies For All Working Models For Ultimate Productivity

  • Reflect upon change initiatives actioned over the past few years and how this has worked across hybrid, remote and dispersed workforces in order to learn from mistakes and inspire future strategies
  • How has change appetite and employee buy-in changed since 2019? As we’ve all adapted to a digital-first workplace, how are engaged, involved and connected are employees really feeling in change programmes?
  • With plenty of working model options available, what exactly is it existing or potential employees expect today, and how can you satisfy these expectations whilst aligning with wider business strategies?
  • How can organisations ensure each and every employee is seen and heard during meetings and change programmes, whether they are in the office, at home, or at a remote location?

Dominic Carey, Business Change & Engagement Manager, TransPennine Express

Sarah Lawton, HR Change & Effectiveness Director, Consumer, BT

Shaheena Ormerod-Sachedina, Internal Communications Manager, Penguin Random House UK

Kevin Lyons, Senior HR Manager, Pearson

Eze Lisak, Transformation Director, National Grid Ventures, National Grid

James Makepeace, Transformation Executive, Rolls-Royce

Georgina Reeves-Saad, Employee Engagement & Experience Lead, British Council

10.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Agility In Mind

10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

11.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For GameShift

Changing Cultures

11.20 Empower Employees & Inspire Collaboration To Drive Strategic Long-Term Change Whilst Mitigating Toxic & Disconnected Cultures By Creating An Innovative, Progressive & Engaged Company Culture

  • First things first, to refresh and reignite your culture, step back and assess your organisation and its competency for change with best-practice tips and tricks
  • Culture check: thriving, not just surviving! Create a truly collaborative and open culture where your employees can bring their whole selves to work, and feel inspired to do their best work, powering sky-high productivity and performance
  • Tackling hybrid cultures… from work-life balance to home-office balance! How can you keep employees engaged, satisfied and willing to also come into the physical office alongside hybrid working?
  • Combat change fatigue and secure employee buy-in in order to drive sustainable, business-wide cultural change which aligns with long-term business goals

Kevin Green, Chief People Officer, First Bus

Engaging Leaders

11.40 Are Your Leaders Change Champions? Empower & Engage Senior Leaders & Managers To Effectively Deliver, Own & Land Organisational Change For Sustained & Strategic Success

  • Cater effectively to Leaders need to be the face behind any organisational change, proactively owning the change and leading from the front, in order to successfully embed change into the organisational DNA
  • Equip managers with the tools to deliver so they can clearly communicate the vision and goals for long-term success
  • How can change managers secure leadership support while driving multiple transformation projects and programmes that are taking place within organisations today?

Lesley Woods, Chief Communications Officer, Ministry of Defence

Employee Experiences & EVP – Double Perspective

12.00 Power Enriching Experiences & Build Inspiring EVPs Within Your Organisation For Your Greatest Assets, Your People!

  • Deep dive into at employee retention and engagement levels through a holistic yet thorough analysis of the whole employee life cycle in order to determine where improvements can be made and implemented effectively
  • Commit to elevating your workforce practices by embracing employees’ needs to combat the great resignation and low productivity in the workplace
  • Shift the focus from transactional contracts to psychological contracts! Employees are building a relationship with their organisation which is constantly changing, how are senior leaders managing this effectively and harnessing their unlocked potential?

12.00 Perspective 1

Andrea Kilgour, People Director for Service & Transformation, EE

12.20 Perspective 2

Marije van der Togt, Head of Employer Branding, Just Eat Takeaway.com

12.40 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.10 Informal Breakout Sessions 

          A) Employee Wellbeing

          B) Change Comms

          C) Talent Retention & Pipelining

          D) Agile Working

13.40 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Sarah Lawton, HR Change & Effectiveness Director, Consumer, BT

Martijn Seijsener, Global Head Employee Experience, Credit Suisse

Engagement Strategies: Best Practice & Lessons Learned – Panel Discussion

13.50 Showcase Sky-High Engagement, Productivity & Performance Levels Across Your Organisation By Initiating People-Centric Change Strategies Which Go Beyond Tick Boxing & Captures Their Hearts & Minds 

  • From pitfalls to successes, what has worked so far, what hasn’t, and what should organisations be trying today?
  • Increase employee connections with wider business objectives and be seen as an employer of choice by effectively preparing your people through the uncertainty and disruption change inevitably brings
  • From salary to flexibility to rewards and recognition… what will truly engage employees today, and how can you stay ahead of the game (and competition)?

Lauren Tingey, Digital Effectiveness – Head of Change, National Grid

Ashutosh Pandey, Senior Director & Head of Business Process Transformation, Nokia

Elizabeth Dunn, Head of Business Change, River Island

Eze Lisak, Transformation Director, National Grid Ventures, National Grid

Paul Ottewell, Outward Mindset Implementation Coach, Ministry of Defence

Natalie Spencer, Head of Internal Communications – Global Banking & Markets, Global Commercial Banking, HSBC

Digital, Tech & AI

14.20 Uncover The Potential Of New Digital, AI, Tech & Tools To Facilitate & Fuel Change In Your Organisation & Boost Efficiencies 

  • Assess and examine the technologies best suited to your organisation, and for your people in order to ensure a smooth and seamless business-wide change transition
  • It’s all about the robust and concise rollout comms… mitigate employee resistance and boost adoption internally for long-lasting success
  • Cutting-edge tech is great, but can your people, processes and business keep pace? Examine digital literacy across your organisation in order to support and upskill employees (and your systems!)
  • In a people-facing role, don’t lose sight of the personal touch advantages! In the constant digital vs. the human touch debate, get the balance right to suit the needs and expectations of your people and organisation

Kevin Lyons, Senior HR Manager, Pearson

Data & Measuring Success

14.40 Measure, Visualise & Report The Proven Value & Tangible Impact Of Your Change Initiatives By Translating Data Captured Into Actionable Insights & Digestible Reports 

  • Tune in to changed Identify, Measure, Visualise & Report The Proven Value & Tangible Impact Of Your Change Initiatives By Translating Data Captured Into Actionable Insights & Digestible Reports
  • What determines successful change in the eyes of CEOs? What do you need to be measuring and reporting in order to tick the right boxes for senior executives today?
  • Think outside the box! Other than staff surveys and temperature testing initiatives, how are other businesses assessing the tangible, monetary benefits of change?
  • Can you really measure employees’ emotions, feelings and commitment to change? Examine new insights on how to measure the intangible in order to pinpoint issues before they escalate

Ashutosh Pandey, Senior Director & Head of Business Process Transformation, Nokia

Engaged & Change-Ready Workforces

15.00 Build Resilience, Restore Confidence & Support Employees During Periods Of Change, Disruption & Uncertainty With Impactful Communications Strategies

  • What are the best Build Resilience, Restore Confidence & Support Employees During Periods Of Change, Disruption & Uncertainty With Impactful Communications Strategies
  • Improve company-wide morale and cultivate a sense of purpose and belonging by clearly communicating the company’s vision and values and benefits of cultural change
  • Explore and examine budget-friendly engagement initiatives to maintain high morale and productivity during periods of disruption and prevent project stagnation and disengagement
  • Close the feedback loop by listening to the employee voice, collating results and actioning insights into organisational change strategies

Michelle Glendinning, Head of HR – MME2 Customer Fulfilment, Amazon

15.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.50 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Communication Strategies – Panel Discussion

16.20 Ensure A Connected, Motivated & Engaged Workforce During Change With Impactful, Sure-Fire Communication Strategies Which Support Change Initiatives & Create Positive Synergies In The Workplace

  • From pitfalls Create excitement, encourage collaboration and transparency when navigating change to secure that all-important employee buy-in for your change programmes
  • Get your comms mix right, from tech to channels and content for effective and impactful change communications which hit the mark every time
  • Periods of change, disruption and uncertainty require proactive and powerful communication strategies which employees can trust to enable fast-paced organisational change

Cath Possamai, Talent Acquisition Director, EMEA, Amazon

Matthew Knowles, Head of Employee Communications & Engagement, Thames Water

Jenny Bloxham, Engagement & Information Lead – Global Transformation, Save the Children International

Stakeholders, Buy-In & Adoption

16.50 Successfully Pitch Change Projects, Maximise Stakeholder Confidence & Sustain Long-Term Buy-In & Support To Embed Long-Lasting Change & Transformation

  • Examine hard-won insights on how to build a successful business case and pitch your change initiatives to secure stakeholder buy-in and financial backing
  • When support wanes, change programme lose momentum! Manage stakeholder expectations in order to prepare them for the realities of long-term change to ensure their involvement and passion continue throughout the journey

Cath Possamai, Talent Acquisition Director, EMEA, Amazon

Agile Success

17.10 Drive Collaboration & Deliver Real Value When Responding To & Driving Organisational Change By Fostering Agile Practices & Continuous Improvement Mindsets

  • The agile debate! Determine whether agile is right for your business to ensure you adopt the correct methodology to drive fast paced change
  • Foster agile practices within an environment which embraces, inspires and maintains change through collaborative cultures
  • Explore successful implementation of agile practices for people operations, continuous engagement, growth, and talent recognition
  • Exploring the agile approach to collecting, understanding, and acting on employee feedback from innovative improvements to software and systems

Martijn Seijsener, Global Head Employee Experience, Credit Suisse

17.30 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Sarah Lawton, HR Change Director – Consumer, BT

Martijn Seijsener, Global Head Employee Experience, Credit Suisse