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New  Strategies & Practical Insights For Purpose-Driven & Impactful

Business Change & Transformation Which Secures A Competitive Advantage & Yields Tangible, Long-Lasting Results

21st May 2024 | 5th Annual | Central London

21st May 2024 | 10 Union Street, Central London



Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome



Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Anne Burt, Head of Employee Engagement, Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Nadia Ness, Executive Director of Transformation, University of Glasgow



Purpose-Driven Change Methodologies

Agile? Waterfall? W-Agile? Use Purpose & Impact As A Compass To Determine Which Methodologies Best Suit Your Organisation’s Change Initiatives To Drive Future Success.

  • While agile ways of working are praised, is this a one-size-fits-all methodology? Determine whether agile is actually right for your business to ensure you adopt the correct methodologies to deliver successful change
  • Bridge the crucial elements of strategy, structure, and organisational culture to uncover your business’ threshold for agile transformation and decipher the role agile should play in 2024 and beyond
  • Unpack the motivations behind agile ways of working and dissect strategies for appointing and applying change management methodologies to ultimately adapt to the ever-changing sphere of business change and transformation

Anthony Savell, Head of Business Optimisation, Close Brothers

Berenice Levenez, Director of Strategy, Girl Guiding

Ryan Warcup, Lean & Business Improvement Lead, Balfour Beatty

Dr Sanjay Bhasin, Head of Continuous Improvement – Probation Service, HM Prison & Probation Service

Stuart Anwyl, Highways Division, Head Of Performance, Quality & Business Improvement, Balfour Beatty



Revolutionising AI: Digital Transformation & Automation

Maximise Successful Digital Transformation In Your Business By Leveraging New Tech, Digital Tools & AI Automation For Long-Lasting Results Across Your Organisation: Digital Transformation & Automation

  • Invest in the right digital transformation strategies which will power change capabilities without losing the essence of humanity! Strike the perfect balance between a digitised service and a personal touch which meets and exceeds the needs of employees and customers
  • How can digital transformation and automation be delivered rapidly without resistance, and adopted internally? Increment the digital system by cultivating a well-connected workplace and effectively communicate the benefits to secure that all-important buy-in
  • Assess the technologies and tools best suited to your organisation to ensure a seamless and cohesive technological ecosystem that propels long-term organisational success 

Cedric Plettinx, Digital Transformation Program Lead, Anheuser-Busch inBev



Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

  • Join our delegate forum Menti poll!



How to Gain Operational Efficencies with Low Code Process Automation

Low code process automation should be a top priority for all organizations today. Competitive pressures, shrinking budgets and a need for more accountability and efficiency, means urgent automation of manual and time-consuming processes is critical. Low code process automation will help mitigate these challenges by:

  • Implementing modern apps – Organizations can be held back by legacy applications that don’t meet today’s business needs, resulting in employees wasting time, information stuck in silos, and disappointed customers. In contrast, modern apps are cloud native, highly secure, and fast to deploy.
  • Removing manual processes – Up to 75% or more of people’s time can be spent inputting data into systems or completing paper forms or using excel. Process automation eradicates this with its seamless integration.
  • Increasing visibility and accountability – A lot of organizations rely on manual processes, paper, and excel to run and track their operation, this means that understanding how you are performing against KPIs, and targets is a challenge. Process automation gets rid of manual processes and sits as a single orchestration layer for your operation meaning all your performance stats are in one real time dashboard, giving you real control.
  • Consolidating data, in siloed systems – We see many instances of staff having to access up to 10 different systems and data sets to complete one task such as customer onboarding. With process automation all these siloed systems and data sets are integrated into a single orchestration layer which saves time, decreases the risk of errors, and helps with compliance and security.
  • Significantly reduced costs – Automation enables you to reduce manual, tedious, and repetitive work, which in turn lowers operating costs.


Liam Woods, Account Executive UK&I, Bizagi

Vikki Hailey, Sales Director UK&I, Bizagi




Delivering Successful Business Change

Securely Embed & Implement Impactful Business Change & Transformation Which Tangibly Proves Commercial Benefits & Delivers Real Results

  • How can your organisation thrive in an ever-changing market? How can you tackle the increasing external pressures? Explore best practice tips and tricks for effective operational readiness!
  • Break down silos and transform your mindset by aligning your organisation’s people, technologies, processes, and markets across the front, middle and back office for commercial benefits and tangible results
  • Dissect programme management in practice and future-proof your competency framework by building a toolkit for success

Marisa Fernandes, Transformation & Change Portfolio Lead/ Head (Deputy Director), UK Ministry of Defence




Data & Measurement: Measure, Report & Visualise Success!

Advance Your Change Priorities & Initiatives With Data-Driven Business Change Empowered By Tools & Metrics Which Translate Data Insights Into Tangible Results

  • Maximise the measurable results of your business change and transformation strategies and initiatives to demonstrate the tangible value of change management within your organization
  • Measure impact and showcase success! Combine process modelling with project management to benchmark performance and demonstrate ROI to prove efforts, secure buy-in and ignite a real appetite for business change
  • How to use data to drive change with senior executives. Recognise the data results that highlight the monetary benefits of change and translate data captured into actionable insights

Elizabeth Dunn, Head of Business Change, River Island

Lars Jørgensen, Director Digital Transformation Office and Business Services, Kao



Empowering Business Change Champions

Are Your Leaders Change Champions? Empower Executives To Effectively Rally Around Transformation & Streamline Organisational Change For Sustained & Strategic Success

  • Without change champions, change is more likely to fail… guarantee effective change initiatives by empowering employees who prioritise sustaining organisational culture while addressing stakeholder needs
    Inspire, motivate, and support leaders and line managers by equipping them with the tools and resources to clearly communicate the vision and goals for long-term success
  • Strengthen your company’s internal change networks by cultivating a workplace where leaders can promote change efforts and mitigate resistance to transformation
  • How can you ensure leaders support their employees through periods of change and transition with inspirational business change strategies that engage and inspire?

Gagan Boparai, Transformation Director, Reckitt

Juris Vitols, Senior Manager OCM- IT&D, Reckitt

Sura Alnaher, Senior Manager, Digital Capabilities – IT & Digital, Reckitt




Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners



Informal Breakout Discussions

a) Breaking Silos
b) Budgets
c) Crisis Management
d) Identifying Powerful Automation & Low-Code Use Cases Whilst Enabling Continuous Improvement & Lean-Agile Thinking

Anthony Savell, Head of Business Optimisation, Close Brothers




Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

James Olsen, VP, Head of Transformation, Haleon

Shahana Ramsden, Strategic Advisor, Workforce & Community Transformation, Frimley Health & Care Integrated Care System



Culture, Change, & Engagement: The Reimagined Workplace

Build An Engaged, Robust & Change-Ready Workplace Culture By Developing A Progressive Culture Which Inspires & Connects Employees To Deliver Successful Business Transformation

  • Initiate people-centric change, increase employee connection with wider business objectives and boost collective productivity by putting your employees at the heart of your long-term strategies and business goals
  • Create robust, supportive, and effective communication strategies that inspire and engage employees even through times of uncertainty, change, and disruption
  • Build a change-ready workforce with innovative and inspiring new strategies by including employees at every decision-making stage on the change journey
  • Strike the right balance between the needs of the business and the needs of employees with refreshed strategies that optimise flexible working to drive engagement and create a seamless business transformation journey

Francesca Jones, Global Head of Strategy – Site Operations, Deliveroo

Jane Berezynskyj, Transformation Directorate, NHS England

Lisa Gregg, Director of Business Transformation, Aston University

Maria Backinsell, Assistant Director, Transformation Change Lead – Government Major Project , UK Home Office



Engaging Customers

Maximise Customer Engagement With Consumer-Led Strategies Which Prioritise Customer Experience & Adapt To Changing Expectations & Behaviours

  • Co-create process changes with your customers by responding directly to their changing needs and seamlessly integrating user adoption for meaningful results
  • Build engaging customer experiences by inviting customers on your change journey and actively talking them through business-wide changes with consumer-facing effects
  • How are your customers responding to digital change? Effectively engage customers in both physical and digital spaces through of a variety of tailored engagement networks for real and long-lasting results




Managing Sustainable Transformation

Drive Sustainable, Business-Wide Change Which Aligns With Long-Term Business Goals & Effectively Deliver Resilient Transformation While Simultaneously Cutting Cost

  • Is all change created equal? Amplify effectiveness by balancing the scale of process change and tailoring initiatives to fit your organisation’s needs
  • How can commercial considerations affect sustainable strategies and operating models?
  • Manage stakeholder and customer engagement through your journey toward sustained and strategic success
  • How can you remain competitive 10 years down the line? Guarantee long-lasting transformation by placing sustainability at the centre of your business change plan

Jooli Atkins, Change Management Lead, NHS England

Louise Davidsen, PMO Director, Ticketmaster


Kate Donaghy, Head of Business Technology, Secret Escapes

Paul Hendstock, Assistant Director, Transformation Change Lead – Government Major Project, UK Home Office




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Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking



Boosting Stakeholder Buy-In

Secure Stakeholder Buy-In & Guarantee Long-Term Support For Your Change Projects To Truly Embed Long-Lasting Change & Transformation Into Your Organisation’s DNA

  • Unpack business-critical insights and strategies which align change initiatives with stakeholder interests and fortify support and long-term buy-in
  • Combat resistance to change efforts and prove the significance of business transformation in your organisation to secure stakeholder buy-in and financial backing
  • Are you selling the vision of change? Transform adversaries to advocates with refined pitch and presentation strategies that prepare stakeholders for the realities of long-term change and showcase the value of your change efforts




Successes, Pitfalls, & Critical Lessons Learnt

Accelerate The Effectiveness & Efficiencies Of Your Business Change & Transformation Initiatives With Key Takeaways From The Successes & Pitfalls Of Benchmark Operating Change Models

  • How can companies recalibrate when processes do not go to plan? Optimise your crisis management tactics and drive sustainable delivery of your business change processes
  • From pitfalls to successes, what has worked, what hasn’t, and what should organisations be trying in 2024 and beyond? Enhance your strategies and future-proof your business change programmes with practical, real-world insights
  • Get ahead of the curve! Successfully gauge the incoming wave of new innovations and their potential to disrupt your organisation’s culture by drawing tangible parallels from industry leaders

Fiona Brown, Director of Digital Transformation, Boots UK

Lauren Schogger, Head of Strategic Programmes, Affinity Water



Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

James Olsen, VP, Head of Transformation, Haleon

Shahana Ramsden, Strategic Advisor, Workforce & Community Transformation, Frimley Health & Care Integrated Care System